About Us


Our purpose is to create sustainable value through the provision of registration, clearing, settlement, collateral and custody services for of Negotiable Securities and OTC contracts, in an efficient and safe manner, in the markets and stock exchanges of Argentina and the region.


We see ourselves as the clearing house and custodian entity of financial derivative instruments, negotiable securities and OTC contracts, in an efficient and secure leader in the markets and exchanges of Argentina and the region.


Board of Directors


Mr. Juan Fabricio Silvestri

Vice Chairman

Mr. Sebastián Martín Bravo


Mr. Juan Franchi

Regular Members

Ms. Maria Laura Rodriguez de Sanctis
Mr. Francisco J. M. Fernández Candia

Alternate Members

Mr. José Martins
Mr. Christian Ángel Cavanagh Campos


Regular Syndic

Dr. Jose María Ibarbia
Acct. Enrique Mario Lingua
Dr. Mariana Scrofina

Alternate Syndic

Dr. María Jimena Riggio
Dr. Sebastián Pels
Dr. Ma. Victoria Aguirre del Castillo

General Manager

Mr. Nicolás Victor Baroffi

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