Members List

The participants that have ALYC categories, according to the following list, are those that are authorized to settle and clear transactions in ACyRSA.

Clearing and Settlement Agent

Starting to clear and settle transactions is closely related to the decision to join Matba Rofex to trade products of that Market, since Argentina Clearing and Registration is the clearing house that acts as central counterparty in all transactions of that Market.

In this regard, it is recommended to read in detail the reminder corresponding to the Settlement and Clearing Agents (ALyC) provided in this Notice in order to know the scope and requirements of each ALyC category available in Matba Rofex and Argentina Clearing and Registry.

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Special Settlement Account

Legal entities wishing to operate only for their own portfolio and having a Net Worth of over $500,000,000, have the possibility of opening a Special Settlement Account (CEL), whereby the company opens a trading account with special powers with an Agent authorized by Matba Rofex.

The special powers consist in being able to place orders directly to the market through a trading terminal provided by its Agent, and to manage margins and guarantees directly with Argentina Clearing and Registry S.A.

For information about Participant Registration Request, please contact: